Reasort Estates

vision statement

To maximise the opportunities arising from the joining of three adjacent estates.

To create jobs in tourism, fishing, hunting, walking, ornithology, photography, water sports and other appropriate activities that are in harmony with the environment and community.

To work to achieve an economic balance, thereby promoting a sustainable business.

That Reasort Estates and associated partners work to become commercially sustainable for present and future generations to enjoy.

That all who live, work or visit the estates are fulfilled in their best and highest aspirations.

To preserve the unique wild Salmon and Sea Trout fisheries in pristine condition without stocking, feeding or assisted breeding.

To manage the deer population in a sustainable manner, working with Lewis and Harris Deer Management Group and the local crofting grazing committee.

To support the preservation of the Gaelic language and traditional culture, in this unique Hebridean environment.

To encourage full participation of all who can identify with these objectives.

To operate Reasort Estates as trustees for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Core Value Statement

That the unique natural environment of Reasort Estates shall continue to be nurtured together with those Christian values, displayed by generations of families for whom this land is Home.

In all things may God be our guide.