Reasort Estates

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate improve energy efficiency to reduce carbon footprint

Sustainability at Réasort Estates reduces carbon footprint

Our work to improve the estates’ energy efficiency has reduced our carbon footprint

We’re committed to achieving greater sustainability at Rèasort Estates, as shown by our careful refurbishment of the estates’ buildings to improve their energy efficiency. here.

At Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, which dates from 1867, our complete overhaul has dramatically reduced its energy footprint while protecting its listed status. The site has a sizeable need for energy, with approximately 30 rooms over five floors, a professional kitchen, staff quarters and offices.

Our energy reduction strategy saw wind power installed in the grounds, which provides electricity for the castle, solar photovoltaic panels on the workshop roofs to supply the electricity needed for the deer larder, solar thermal panels that provide hot water for a cottage in the grounds, heritage-appropriate double glazing and energy-efficient boilers.

We’ve been surprised and delighted by the dramatic fall in our energy use on the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate.