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Fresh Venison Boxes available from Outer Hebrides

Seasonal Fresh Venison Variety Boxes – From the Hebrides with love

Fresh Venison Boxes available from Outer Hebrides

From the Hebrides with love

Enjoy the taste of the Hebrides at home with Amhuinnsuidhe Castle venison.

Our top-quality venison is from the wild deer that roam freely across over 100,000 acres of wilderness, feeding on the heather that grows on the peatland. The Hebridean diet gives our venison its unique flavour.

Apart from its superb taste, venison is now recognised as being one of the most nutritious of all red meats and is remarkably low in fat. It is also an excellent source of iron, and provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc. And venison is very versatile in the kitchen – beyond superb steaks, it lends itself brilliantly to roasting and slow cooking.

During the season we send our venison variety boxes to any address in the UK. Delivery charges vary by distance and we can confirm the total price before you order. For customers lucky enough to live close by, collect for free from the estate or visit our nearby honesty shop.

Please note: our fresh venison is generally available during the season, which is from July until the end of February. Outside the season we offer frozen venison to addresses on Lewis and Harris.

Venison Variety Box A

£50 plus delivery

2 Haunch steaks, 1 Roast joint, 2 Diced meat packs, 2 Minced meat packs, 8 Burgers

Venison Variety Box B

£100 plus delivery   

4 Haunch steaks, 1 Fillet steak, 2 Roast joints, 4 Diced meat packs, 4 Minced meat packs, 16 Burgers